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Very simply it is the use of water to aid in health and healing. Water has been used for thousands of years all over the world to help people improve their fitness levels, stamina, and immune systems. It has also been used to aid the body in healing by some of the brightest and best physicians throughout the ages.

From the ancient Roman baths to the modern “Jjimjilbangs” (Korean bath-houses) of today water has helped billions of people relax and rejuvenate.  

Learn more about the nine properties that water has that makes it such a valuable therapeutic agent.

What does hydrotherapy actually do? Read more about how the physiology of how water treatments work.


History Of Hydrotherapy Video

Hydro for

Little People

Yes, hydrotherapy can even be done for children! When using water on kids or the elderly we just need to use good common sense – make sure the water is not too hot to burn them or too cold to “freeze” them.