Hot / Cold Packs 11×14.5″ | (2 Gel Packs + 1 Wrap)


Whether you have minor injuries, or you’re recovering from a major surgery, the reusable ice packs for injuries offers a simple and medication-free way to get pain relief! Soothe pain from bruises, bug bites, muscle spasms, whiplash, sports injuries, chronic pain, and more! No matter where you’re hurting, Rester’s Choice can help.


  • HANDS-FREE PAIN RELIEF – Holding a hot or cold pack to your pains is uncomfortable and inconvenient. Reduce your pain without the hassle! Simply slip the Rester’s Choice gel pack into the wrap, secure the straps, then relax as your pain and swelling diminish without you lifting a finger.
  • COMFORTABLY COLD – After a couple hours in the freezer, the ice pack for injuries gets super cold! In fact, it gets so frosty, we recommend placing a cloth between your skin and the back and knee ice pack for the most relief and comfortable use.
  • PERFECT COMPRESSION, ANYWHERE YOU NEED IT – Whether you need a ice pack for hip or a leg ice wrap, the gel pack delivers warm and cool compression exactly where it hurts. It’s the perfect fit for any body type, simply adjust the straps to secure it around your waist, hips, legs, shoulder, or chest!
  • FLEXIBLE WHEN FROZEN – Morph the cold pack into the shape you need even after they’ve been frozen! Our ice packs for hip surgery or other injuries stay pliable so you can place them around your knee, shoulder, and neck.
  • THE RESTER’S CHOICE PROMISE – Guaranteed to last a lifetime, the ice bags for injuries lessen your limps, better your back, and alleviate your aches forever! Conveniently store in fridge, freezer, or backpack for on the go pain relief for years to come.


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