Thermophore Classic Heat Pack (Model 055) 14″ X 27″ Tan


  • No heating pad gets hotter than the Thermophore pad – designed to provide intense penetrating moist heat for maximum comfort and pain relief, the thermostat controlled technology maximizes the heat to the highest levels considered safe by UL. Many popular heating pads today cannot work at these temperatures because they lack embedded thermostats in their design
  • Large Size: 14 by 27 inches – Covers large areas at once, great for Back / Hips / Legs / Shoulders. Also great for Fascia Blasting Treatment
  • Max Temp: The heat pads can run between 150 to 165°F
  • Recommended Application Time: 15 – 20 minutes at a time
  • Designed for simple and highly controllable use, simply hold the button down to start heating, and let it go to turn off.


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