Hot Cold Hydrotherapy and Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Seheult discusses compelling research on thermal regulation (hot/cold hydrotherapy with a sauna or contrast shower for example) and the potential immune system benefits to ward off viral infections – as has been used in many regions including Finland.

Hydrotherapy and Coronavirus Continued

Dr. Seheult continues his discussion on possible strategies to promote a robust immune system, including a nod to the past with hydrotherapy techniques. Interestingly, these techniques were used during the Flu Pandemic of 1918 and there are reports about a significant benefit to patients who participated. 

Contrast Shower

A simply hot and cold shower can be an effective tool for increasing immunity and fighting disease.  This video shows how even just a contrast shower can be an effective method of simple hydrotherapy. 

Steam Inhalation

Water can also be used as steam to help fight respiratory infections.

General Revulsive Information

Hot packs can be used in many ways on various parts of the body.

Fomentations and Hot Foot Bath

 This amazingly simple water treatment has helped many people around the world.